Weber Nordic

Weber Nordic specializes in the sales of plastic tanks and complete unique tank systems for storing & safe handling.


Plastic Storage & Process Tank Systems – from Design to Production & Installation

Weber Nordic specializes in the sales of plastic tanks and complete unique tank systems for storing & safe handling within:

  • Chemistry (storage, production/distribution)
  • Food (storage and injection of chemicals)
  • Water treatment
  • Fish farming
  • Hot galvanizing
  • Anodizing/Oxidation

Weber Nordic is representing one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers in Europe, Kunststofftechnik Weber GmbH, which is producing approx. 3.000 tons of plastic sheets per year.

The highly flexible thermoplastic & composite materials make it possible to manufacture exact shapes in a circular or rectangular tank form, which is one of the great advantages of plastic.


Expertise & Project Management

Meeting customer requirements with knowhow & optimized solutions

Sales consultants in each Nordic country, Weber Kunststofftechnik’s project managers and experts are highly qualified to assist all customers with their expertise, in meeting the customer’s demands & technical requirements, seeking the best materials (case-by-case), design and solutions, while taking the medium, process temperature and the intended use into consideration.

To ascertain a smooth and professional handling, each project will be supervised by a dedicated project manager, and the customer will receive updates during the project phases, e.g., drawings to be signed, timely notifications on commissioning, delivery time, onsite installation, and handover of documentation.


Product Portfolio

A wide range of tanks & approved devices

Customers the have the possibility to choose individually from a wide portfolio, i.e., circular and rectangular tanks made of GRP composite or thermoplastic sheet materials to safety vessels for storing hazardous substances, cabinets for pumps, steel systems, absorbers, alarm & detection devices etc.

All spare and component parts are of the highest quality and thanks to the transparent procurement system, the origin of all products and parts are traceable at any time.


Special Features

Product properties & tanks at their best

Through constant development and experience, special features and advantages are obtained which are extremely suitable for the above industries:

  • Easily manufactured in size and height according to the customer requirements
  • Designed according to the mechanical, static and chemical loads
  • High process & environmental safety – even at intense UV radiation
  • Suitable for high permanent usage temperatures
  • High resilience against the aggressive media
  • Meeting the highest quality & durability requirements
  • Low-maintenance facilities – no corrosion
  • Extremely long-lasting – real value for money

In line with ISO 9001:2015 Weber Kunststofftechnik has implemented a management system that ensures quality checks and inspections of the process throughout the entire production and installation phase. Quality, safety, long-lasting products and operational reliability are essential for success.



Standing in the forefront – material & solutions

Continuous improvement is an important factor to stay one of the leaders of the market and offer the most ultimate products to the customers. In close cooperation with suppliers and researchers, Weber Kunststofftechnik is constantly working on new and improved materials and technologies.

Since 2010, tanks have been manufactured with the latest generation of thermoplastic materials PE 100-RC, which is outstanding due to its crack resistance and prolongs the lifetime remarkably. (The highest quality of PE 100-RC is at the same price level as PE 100).



Recycling of pure plastics – making a difference

Pure PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride) are preferred material for tanks and cabinets, not only due to their high chemical resistance to acids and bases, but also with respect to their 100% recyclability, which makes the thermoplastics unique.


Circular Tank

Weber Kunststofftechnik’s circular tanks are customized according to specifications, intended use and technical requirements.

The circular tanks can be used for storage or processing within chemistry (storage, production/distribution), food (storage and injection of chemicals), water treatment and fish farming

Circular tanks are made of:

  • Sheets (thermoplastics)
  • Wound tube (thermoplastics)
  • Composite materials (such as GRP)

When building a circular tank, the highly experienced specialists must carefully take the following parameters into account when choosing above material, such as temperature, medium, static loads – for example height or stirring devices – and if the tank will be placed outside ( UV contamination, hot/cold temperatures) etc.

For highly aggressive chemical applications, the suitable material PE100-RC is developed for high (crack) resistance and durability in case of a mechanical load. This makes the tank extremely safe and long-lasting -i.e., the average lifetime is 10 times as long as the ordinary PE100.

Additional accessories & equipment

A wide range of accessories can be chosen, such as nozzles, stirring device crossbars, manhole in the roof/on the side, lifting eyes and type label

Further equipment can be purchased by the customers: Safety/measurement control technology, optical level indicator, vacuum lifting systems, sample taking system, insulation, inspection systems, ladder, platform e.g.

With above features and possibilities within accessories & equipment many different variants are in play, and based on their extensive expertise, the specialists and sales consultants will be able help the customers choosing the best solutions.

Rectangular Tanks

Weber Kunststofftechnik’s rectangular tanks are designed individually in form and structure according to customer needs and technical demands.

Rectangular tanks are used in different application areas such as:

  • Surface technology for electroplating and anodizing
  • Pre-treatment in hot-dip galvanizing processes

Rectangular tanks are made of:

  • Welded thermoplastic sheets (inliner)
  • Composite material (such as glass reinforced plastic (GRP) coating)

The above materials are perfect for the manufacture of durable products for industrial applications that require the combination of resistance to corrosion, heat and aggressive chemicals.

Depending on size, purpose, and temperature, it requires the rectangular tank to be reinforced by steel or circumferential cross constructions to ensure the statics and durability. The steel reinforcement is also coated by GRP.

Additional process equipment

Rectangular tanks can include the following for operational processes: Stirring device crossbars, cascade divider walls, pump consoles, internal pipework systems, nozzles, manhole, overflow gutter, feet, lifting eyes, type label and snap-on lids. These components are perfectly adjusted to the respective production flow.

The final design and size of a rectangular tank are determined by the medium and volume to be stored, process temperature and the intended use. Besides, it has to be taken into account whether the tank is placed outside ( UV contamination and high/low temperatures) or inside.

Weber Nordics sales consultants and highly experienced specialists within statics and constructions will be ready to assist any time to achieve the safest and most optimal solution.

Collection & Storage Systems

When handling hazardous substances in the daily production, it is crucial to use the right equipment and systems and it is the obligation of the industrial plants to assure:

  • operator safety according to the ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichhV)
  • protection of the surfaces and ground water according to The Water Management Act

Weber Kunststofftechnik is able to provide support and guidance to the customer with respect to safe storage and right precautions according to above regulations.    

Furthermore, Weber Kunststofftechnik as a specialized company* also manufactures a wide products range – i.e., everything from collection vessels, drums and safety pallets to other storage systems for internal and external installation. All produced in plastic material, which is resistant to chemicals, and with type approval and proof of stability according to the media list DIBt, Berlin.

For environment protection, it is essential that the plant is designed and operated in a way, which absorbs leaking water-hazardous substances quickly and reliably to avoid any chemical pollution of the ground water. Here, Weber Kunststofftechnik’s experts can provide surface protection elements, help designing safe unloading areas and recommend suitable tank technology.

*A specialised company according to WHG has adequate devices and equipment as well as expert personnel and is member of a quality or monitoring association or has closed a monitoring contract with a technical monitoring association.

Piping Construction

Piping systems are the arteries of industrial processes – such as in the chemical, food or pharmaceutical or water treatment industries, which are Weber Kunststofftechniks core customers. For more than 5 decades, the company has specialized in pipeline assemblies for indoor and outdoor areas.

The detailed design of the piping and fittings etc. is decided by criteria such media, temperature, allowable pressure drop or energy loss, desired velocity, space limitations and conveyance capability.

Thermoplastic materials: PE-HD, PP, PVC-U, PVC-C and PVDF
Composite materials: PE/GRP and PP/GRP

Steel and stainless steel pipework complete the range of services.

The supporting of piping systems requires careful engineering, design, fabrication and erection effort – these are individually customized to meet the demands. Only pipes, mountings and fittings of globally leading manufacturers are used in the constructions, due to Weber Kunststofftechnik’s quality politics.

Fewer fittings – more safety

Safety and quality are key words – where possible, pipes and fittings are carefully welded together by Weber Kunststofftechnik’s certified and skilled personnel. Plastic compounds (optimally plastics of the same type, e.g., PP with PP and same density) can be perfectly sealed when processed correctly. The fewer fittings, the lower the risk of leakage – and together with regular inspections and maintenance, a safe and long-lasting piping system will be guaranteed.

Entire Solutions for the Chemical & Processing Industry

Weber Kunststofftechnik’s product engineers and project managers are highly qualified to assist customers with their expertise, creating entire customer-specific tank farms for the chemical and processing industry. The range of equipment includes:

  • Storage and mixing tanks for storing aggressive media
  • Filling/pumping and emptying stations
  • Pipework of the complete acid station
  • Exhaust air scrubbers for purification
  • Filling station (depending on authority requirements)
  • Electric control as well as measurement and control technology

Weber Kunststofftechnik can provide the entire plant technology, which fully meets the requirements for storing and using dangerous substances – also with respect to the principle of the Water Management Act (WHG) to protect waters from pollution (extract from WHG § 1a, sec. 2).

A proven control system ensures the permanent monitoring of all plant parts. With this, the safety and efficiency for the operator are significantly improved. Control performances are for example:

  • Acquisition and evaluation of filling levels
  • Recipe management
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Pressure/density measuring
  • Protection and control of drive systems
  • Signaling device for warning of leakages and overfilling

High quality standards & operational reliability

All material and equipment in Weber Kunststofftechnik’s ISO9001:2008 certified production undergo a thorough inspection to comply with strict legal requirements and high standards within the food, chemical and pharma industry, to secure safety, durability, and quality, guaranteeing a long product life and high operational reliability.

Project Management & Services

Based on more than 50 years of profound product knowledge within the processing of thermoplastic and composite materials for the construction of customized tanks and entire solutions, Weber Kunststofftechnik can offer highly qualified advice and project management, comprising:

  • Planning with quotations
  • Assistance with planning permission and tenders
  • Safety considerations
  • Implementation planning
  • Project Management
  • Design and construction
  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • commissioning

Meeting the customer’s needs and technical requirements, while considering all necessary safety precautions, the project engineer will seek the best possible materials and solution for the customer. Along the project, amendments and development of the specific tank or equipment will be made for optimization – also in joint corporation with the customer and specialists from the construction and production departments.

The customer will be updated continuously with the progress, receiving drawings for approval, invited to do the commissioning (FAT/SAT) and be informed about the delivery time and installation onsite etc. It is very important for Weber Kunstofftechnik that the entire project is carried out professionally and to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Services, maintenance & spin-off projects

For other services, 40 assembly fitters, who are permanently in service at construction sites, will be able to help the customer onsite with:

  • Upgrades and mounting of additional equipment
  • Electrical installations/control engineering
  • Dissembling and remounting of tanks and equipment when moving
  • Refurbishment or coating of existing tanks
  • Regular maintenance

When assistance is required, the customer may contact Weber Nordics sales consultants or product specialist any time for prices and for the coordination of the services.

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